Project Formation

Putting the foundations in place

First steps towards an independent research & advocacy organisation for Greater Exeter

Discussion about a place-based policy research and advocacy organisation focussed on the emerging Greater Exeter began in the summer of 2016, at the same time as several other initiatives were developing responses to significant change in the region, and against a backdrop of reorientation and reorganisation in policy and governance. After several months of scoping research, Greater Exeter was founded as a Community Interest Company in April 2017.

A large pool of potential project contributors with locally-specific expertise covering a wide range of relevant sectors was identified, and a comprehensive range of peer organisations was also selected for comparative analysis and context research.

Several projects are currently being developed to act as an initial organisational shop window, with more outlined and a wealth of ideas in the pipeline. An introductory website summarises aims, approach and initial project focus while social media is being employed to develop wider project-related networks.

A period of further stakeholder soundings is now underway. The plan is to explore the interests and respond to the concerns of potential supporters and collaborators, as well as critics, adapting the project’s approach accordingly. Research into funding opportunities is also taking place, and a business model is being developed.

Comment, contributions or other constructive interventions are invited from anyone who lives or works in and around Exeter, and will inform ongoing practice and project development.

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